Kochavim Personalizes The Birkot HaShachar

Every morning, Kochavim says the Birkot HaShachar at the beginning of our tefilot. The Birkot HaShachar is a list of brachot of things that we are thankful for to start our day. For example, we thank God for giving shelter, helping us wake up in the morning, and creating us in God’s image. In order to make these blessings more personal for the Kochavimers, our edah will come up with hand motions for three blessings per day that relate to the meaning of the bracha. By the middle of next week, we will have created our own special hand motions that represent our collective interpretation of Birkot HaShachar that the chanichim (campers) can take home with them to the families and synagogues. Check out pictures of us making up the first 3 hand motions!

IMG_4791 IMG_4784 IMG_4787

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