Kochavim Peulot Edah (Edah programs)

A highlight of the Camp Ramah experience include the wonderful programming created by our madrichim (counselors) for the chanichim (campers). Many of our peulot are educational. For example, this past Shabbat we split into 4 groups and completed four activities that taught the Kochavimers the meaning of each blessing of Havdalah. Sometimes the goal of our peulot is keyf (fun)! For example, on July 4th we had a Freeze Rikud (dance) to July 4th music. Other peulot have included Shabbat skits, Yareach, Yareach, Kochav (Moon, Moon, Star), and a scavenger hunt. Check out these pictures below!

IMG_9223 Photo Jul 04, 7 54 19 PM Photo Jul 04, 7 54 25 PM

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