Kochavim Prepares for Shabbat


On Friday afternoon, Kochavim Aleph prepared for their second and final Shabbat at camp for Kayitz 2012. We gathered together to hear a story about friendship and shared our experiences at camp, talking about the good friends we have made this summer. Throughout their shabbatot at camp, Kochavim has learned Shabbat songs and customs. The chanichim (campers) shared aspects of camp which they would like to take home to share with their families once they return home. We had a wonderful Shabbat full of fun, friends, and Shabbat traditions. Shabbat was concluded with a camp-wide havdallah, in which Kochavim joined with glow necklaces to end a beautiful Shabbat. We can’t wait to see the chanichim back at camp next summer!

Here are photos of each of our Tzrifim (bunks) ready to head to Shabbat Tefillot:

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