Kochavim Puelat Tzrif (Bunk Activity)


Today, some of our chug leaders had their days off, so our madrichim (counselors) decided to lead a Peulat Tzrif! The Banot (girls) had a costume contest and did impressions. The Banim (boys) had a Fourth of July party and decorated the tzrif (bunk) with decorations to celebrate the holiday. Everyone got to celebrate July 4 all day because we played American themed music at all of our aruchot (meals), sang the tune of Adon Olam to Yankee Doodle, and recited the National Anthem at Aruchat Boker (Breakfast). Check out some of our pictures below!


Photo Jul 04, 10 20 15 AM Photo Jul 04, 10 20 39 AM Photo Jul 04, 10 24 30 AM Photo Jul 04, 10 44 14 AM


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