Kochavim says Todah Rabbah (thanks)!

Last night for Peulat Erev (evening activity), the Kochavimers split into groups to learn about the different “behind the scenes” jobs at machane ramah. The Kochavimers learned about the work of the Tzevet Misrad (Office Staff), the Tzevet Mirpa’ah (Infirmary Staff), Tzevet Mitbach (Kitchen Staff), Maintenance Tzevet, and Tzevet Mercaz (Mailroom/Lost & Found Staff). Each group made a large thank you where each chanich signed and wrote a short thank you message. The chanichim learned a lot about the importance of thanking others and that nothing magically happens at machane ramah, even if our lost water bottles sometimes re-appear out of no where in the mailboxes of our tzrifim (bunks)! See pictures below. IMG_5213 IMG_5215 IMG_5219 IMG_5211

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