Kochavim: Tzad Aleph Apache Color Run

This past Friday, the entire Tzad Aleph was involved in a fun Apache Color Run.  Each tzrif (bunk) had to earn a ticket to the Tzad Aleph Color run.  Each tzrif received one half of the tzrif baton, and had to complete all the steps of the apache race to receive the other half.   There were 16 different challenges, and each tzrif had to do a least one challenge.  Examples of challenges: crabwalk from the Beit Am Gadol entrance to the Moadon Tzevet; carry a water balloon on a spoon without dropping it from Moadon Tzevel to Beit Am Bet; draw a Jewish star on a piece of blue paper at Beit Am Bet and run it to Cafe Ramah while saying “This Jewish Star is a beautiful example of fine craftsmanship”, and so on and so forth.  The final stop: get ice pops from Rabbi Gelb’s house!

Pictured above and below: Kochavim chanichim (campers) in the Color Run — and relaxing afterwards.  What fun!

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