Kochavim Yom Foam!!


Kochavim had an amazing day! We started the day with Shabbos gates. Tzrif 23 greeted all of tzad aleph at the Shabbos gates this morning. After Yom Pack for our mini session gimel campers, we headed to aruchat tzohorayim (lunch) where our chanichim (campers) were extremely surprised when we announced it was Yom Foam! Each year, the date of Yom Foam is kept a surprise so the chanichim do not know when to expect it. All of the chanichim were very excited and sprinted back to tzad aleph to change into bathing suits to play in the foam. During Yom Foam, fire trucks come to camp and spray foam all over the tzad aleph lower migrash (field).  The chanichim have so much fun playing in the foam. When we told them it was time to leave to go get ready for Shabbat, they did not want to leave!  After Yom Foam, we got ready to spend our last Shabbat together. koch yom foam 1 koch yom foam 2

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