Le’olam Be’ikvot Ha’shemesh Tikvah dances in the sun!

Today was triple the fun in Tikvah as Limmud (Jewish learning) and Omanut (art) joined forces with Tikvah in an artistic rendition of Rikudei Am (Israeli dancing). Everyone did a special dance where they held onto one of the rays of the beautifully created sun that was held in the middle of the circle by Limmud Tzevet (staff) Batya as she led the group in a dance to the song Le’olam Be’ikvot Ha’shemesh-Forever Follow the Sun, a very popular Israeli song. The lesson of the day was that in Hebrew the word Am means a nation. So when you do Rikudei Am you dance together as a nation. There is no singular form for Rikudei Am to teach us the power of joining with your nation to accomplish a communal mission. If you think about it, the song was very appropriate in helping to shape this idea because even if a person doesn’t know all the steps that shouldn’t stop them from joining in the dance, and when we dance as one the sun truly does seem to shine brighter.


Yom chamim – A warm day
yom k’samim – a magical day
yom tamim- a pure day

halachnu im hashemesh – we walked with the sun
ba’arov, yom zahov – as a mix, a golden day,
lailah tov hayah lanu leil emesh – we had a good night before yesterday.

Boker kar – A cold morning
mul hayam – against the sea
ei misham – from somewhere
nichnas hayom basha’ar – the day comes in through the gate
b’chalon etz alon – at the window an oak tree
uvilon nitz’tu – and a curtain were lit
be’or hashachar. – with the light of the sunrise.

Ken, ken, ken, ken… – Yes, yes, yes, yes…
Le’olam be’ikvot hashemesh – forever following the sun
le’olam be’ikvot ha’or – forever following the light
hashemesh et yomi roshemet – the sun sketches my day
velibi tzipor. – and my heart’s a bird. (x2)

Ben adam – A human
kum nirdam – get up, falls asleep,
lo nadam – does not go silent
haru’ach shebat’chelet – the wind in the blue azure
rosh harem or karev – head up high, light approaches
or zorem yashar el saf hadelet. – light flows straight to the door’s edge.

Ken, ken… – Yes, yes, yes, yes…

Listen and dance along with us- click below


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