Lifeguard Ongoing Training

Our machaneh (camp) is proud of our robust safety precautions to safeguard all our chanichim (campers) at all times!  One place this is especially evident is at our Agam (lake).  All Lifeguards at the Agam are already fully trained and certified by the American Red Cross in lifeguarding, rescue, first aid, and AED skills, with a specialist qualification in Waterfront Lifeguarding.  These photos (above and below) show an in-service training exercise conducted yesterday at the Agam by the lifeguarding team to enhance their skills.    According to Tzevet member Katie Schenk: “Most of our work as lifeguards is focused on preventing emergencies.  So it’s very helpful to work on a drill that reinforces our rescue skills and fosters close teamwork.”

Led by Rosh Agam Rotem Ad-Epsztein, the Tzevet Agam (lake staff) rehearsed two different rescue scenarios to make sure that all tzevet members know what to do in the event of an emergency.  Senior Program Staff Simon Luxemburg willingly played the role of the “victim” who was saved from the water.   One exercise focused on boating, while another focused on the water park.  According to Rotem, “I have the best team! The chanichim have fun and we keep them safe.”