Limud (education): Nivonim

Our Tzevet Limud (education staff) has been hard at work, engaging with and educating our chanichim (campers).  Seen here are Nivonim chanichim.  Below: Yossi Graiver of Jerusalem is serving on our Tzevet for the second time.  Here he is leading the session: “70 Years of Israeli Entrepeneurship”.  The group is learning about Israeli start-ups and the high tech industry.   One very timely example is Maxtech communications technology, currently being used in the Thai cave rescue:

Below: Dr. Joshua Kulp, our Rosh Beit Midrash, is seen engrossed in his regular Talmud study with these chanichim:

Rabbi Gordon Tucker (top photo, and below) is leading his Limud session on Zionism: Lyrics and Literature.  Today, these chanichim read and discussed works by the great Hebrew poet Shaul Tchernichovsky

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