Lindsay Fram: Continuing Tzevet (staff) Training

Against the beautiful background of our Agam (lake), the Tzad Aleph Tzevet (A-Side Staff) participated in the second of a series of sessions with Lindsay Fram, a sex educator and consultant.  Through her company, Sexually Smart, she consults with and educates a wide range of children and adults in various settings such as schools and camps.  Our Tzevet all attended Session One during Shavua Hachana (Staff Training Week).  Yesterday, the madrichim (counselors) from Tzad Aleph  followed up in Session Two with concrete scenarios, and practiced how to handle those scenarious through role-play and discussion.  An easy to remember acrostic assists us in approaching each scenario, as follows:

Recognize the positive

Ask for more detail

Make the values at camp clear

Acknowledge the desire is normal

Help! (Ask for it if you need it)

Some examples of the scenarios  that were role-played in the large group as well as in smaller groups of 2 or 3 tzevet members follow.  Please note: these scenarios were compiled from counselors who were at similar summer camps in the last three years and are not all from Ramah, neither are they all from this summer.

Ramah Staff Training
Consent Fishbowl Scenarios

Your campers are really touchy-feely. They lay in each other’s laps and constantly have their arms around each other. A few of your campers tell you that there is one person who regularly brushes up against their breasts. When confronted, that camper always says it was an accident and apologizes.

You walk into your cabin and over hear a few of your campers ranking the breasts of the girl campers in your eda on a scale of 1 to 10. 

You hear a rumor about a game of truth or dare that campers are playing that often ends up with some pretty sexualized truths and dares.

You overhear a counselor talking to a group of campers. The counselor is telling the campers stories about flirting, dating and hooking up when they were a camper that age.

One of your campers comes into the cabin in a very good mood and announced to the entire cabin that they finally kissed the person they have had a crush on “forever”.

You have a “hugger” in your cabin — a camper who hugs everyone, all the time, and without asking.. You’ve noticed that they have made several people uncomfortable.

One of your campers asked someone out and they said no. Your camper has now recruited several other kids in your cabin to make that person’s life miserable.