Lots of fun in edah Kochavim

Shalom Parents!

We are having such a great time here at camp! The weather
has been beautiful and the chanichim (campers) have enjoyed swimming and
playing outside. They had a blast playing ‘capture the counselor’, where the
counselors went to hide, and chanichim had to tag them and say ‘tafus,
tafus, tafus’
, meaning you are caught in Hebrew. Chanichim also got
to dress their madrichim (counselors) in wacky clothes which the
counselors had to wear to lunch. We are looking forward to the last few days of
camp together, including: Yom Time Machine, a medurah (bonfire) and talent show
and Shabbat. See you soon!


Shira Rosenbaum, Rosh

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