Machon Update

Dear Machon Parents,

1st session ended with a spectacular flurry of programs and fun.  Machon participated in a 4-day Kishroniya, in which specialists from outside camp were brought in to teach their trade to the campers.  Many of the groups showcased their projects at the carnival and banquet last Thursday night.  I am personally indebted to the Machon campers who so graciously hit the target on the dunk tank at the carnival, sending me into a pool of cold water.  During Shabbat, we taught the campers two new songs to sing during Seudat Shlishit (The third meal of Shabbat), which will add variety and new beautiful melodies to an already wonderful tradition of singing on Saturday evening.

Since 17 campers left Machon after 1st session, we concluded the session by reminiscing and sharing fond memories from our first four weeks.  We honored these campers and thanked them for helping make first session so special.  After a beautiful visiting day, we had our first opportunity for a Yom Meyuchad (special day of themed programming) during inter-session.  Throughout the day, the campers experienced the milestones of a Jewish life, including baby namings, hebrew school, bar mitzvah, and wedding.  The campers went on a scavenger hunt, completing tasks related to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience, such as singing an English paragraph in Torah and Haftorah trope and writing thank you notes to people around camp.  Overall, the day was a great success.

We are extremely pleased to welcome 16 new campers to Machon for second session.  Today, everyone participated in their new chug/sport/agam, tarbut yehudit, and yahadut.  I'm very pleased with how quickly the new campers have been welcomed in the edah and their respective bunks.  The first full day was capped off with a phenomenal concert by Ami Yaris and the Shuk, an Israeli-based band that played many camp favorites. Yesterday morning they lead a musical morning t'filot for all of B-side, which got our day off to a great start.

 Kol Tuv,

Ben Panitz, Rosh Machon      

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