Ma Chadash B’Ilanot?!?!


This past week has been a fun and busy one for Ilanot! Between preparing for our Zimkudiah dance, Yom Up, an amazing Shabbat together, and the Tzad Aleph Play, we have been all over camp showing our pride for Ilanot! 

Over Shabbat, we had a chance to relax and get to know kids in our edah outside of our bunk. 

This evening at the Zimkudiah, we danced with our hearts wide open as we jumped around in face paint and matching outfits! We were excited and enthusiastic! 

Shabbat was beautiful! We began before Shabbat by reading a story from "God's Mailbox," that related to Parshat Ekev. The story taught us about how G-d and Moshe communicated about the breaking of the ten-commandments and the power of community. We ended Shabbat at camp-wide Havdalah, filled with song and lots of ruach! 

Sunday night was the Tzad Aleph play, "Chofshi L'hiot Atah V'Ani/Free To Be You and Me." Many of our chanichim participated in the play! They sang songs, memorized their lines, and performed with grace and ease! It was a big hit! Today, the cast had a party to celebrate their amazing accomplishment! 

As an edah, we have bonded over the past week. Our community is strong and vibrant! Our chanichim share amazing spirit that is contagious all over Tzad Aleph! We are excited about Shabbat Ilanot coming up this week! Tomorrow, we will begin learning a song and dance to perform in front of the whole camp Friday night. We'll show everyone that even though we are young, we bring the ruach every time! 


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