Ma Ramah (What is Ramah)? and Machon

Before hanichim can start learning how to transmit the Ramah experience – which is the centerpiece of the Nivonim leadership program – we feel that hanichim first need to start considering what the Ramah experience IS.  This is the centerpiece of adat ha-Machon’s “Ma Ramah” program.  This literally means: “What is Ramah?”  Throughout the summer, our Machon hanichim have opportunities to explore many different aspects of the Ramah experience in an effort to pinpoint for themselves the things that make Ramah so special.  Yesterday, Assistant Director Josh Edelglass (below, right) presented his special perspective on Ramah, including his amazing artistic contributions — including the original cover sheet every year for the Emergency Preparedness Handbook, the Ramah Palmer logo, and much much more!

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