Machon 2009


Just three days into camp, and I can already tell what a phenomenal group of chanichim we have.  The first day of camp was filled with excitement and ruach.  The chanichim spent their first couple of hours together learning their edah song, playing kickball, gaga, and board games, and getting to know their bunkmates.   Since this Shabbat is Shabbat Machon, we have been learning a new song, Ya'aleh V'Yavoh, and an Israeli dance, which we will perform in front of the whole camp at Friday night services. After a melodic morning t'filot (prayer), the chanichim spent the rest of the day taking advantage of the numerous, wonderful activities offered here at camp, such as boating, art, woodworking, the adventure course, swimming, video, teva (nature), and photography.  Tonight, during the peulat erev (evening activity), the chanichim will be introduced to Machon's take-home project.  They will learn about pressing environmental issues and their corresponding Jewish values by rotating through fun and educational activity  stations.

Overall, we are off to a great start, and I look forward to a great summer with Machon.


Ben Panitz, Rosh Machon


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