Machon 2011 Campers Get Involved in “Shabbos is Calling”!!


This week, our regular Tikvah "Shabbos Is Calling" program had a different spin on it! Instead of having our Amitzim counselors lead the call, a few of our 2011 Machon Helpers, Roni Mandelkern, Claire Mendelson and Elisheva Blas helped out.  Everyone had a really great time! 

Niv Girls Hosting Shabbos Is Calling Nov 29 2012

After checking their microphones to make sure that we could hear everyone, everyone on the call talked about how their week went.  Sammy reminded us that camp is coming up in 88 days.  Ari and Bennett said that they are looking forward to swimming at camp, which reminded everyone of swimming with the Machon Helpers this past summer.  Everyone is excited for summer to start!  The group also talked about Passover, which is coming up next week.  Roni, Sam, Ben, Rebecca, and Claire all said that they are going to visit their grandparents.  Everyone had fun getting ready for Shabbat by singing “Shabbos Is Coming” and “Od Yavo Shalom.”  Finally, we ended by singing Rad Hayom together with our arms crossed, and then we said our goodbyes.