Machon: Archery

These Machon chanichim (campers) are serious about and talented with their archery skills, so much so that they hope to serve on any future Archery Roo competition!  They would make a great team! Instructors Rabbi Andy Shapiro Katz and Kevin Burkhead are pictured below with this team.  This is Kevin’s first summer here at our machane (camp), and has extensive experience with archery, starting at age 12.  He served 4 years in the U.S. military as a patriot missile specialist.  Kevin was in charge of the missile set-up, which is on a huge mobile launching pad.  He says that aiming the missile is nothing like aiming in archery — the ground to air missile utilizes direct laser aim, and is launched by pushing a button.  Kevin also spent 18 months in deployment to Iraq, where he served in the Military Police with detainee operations.  Kevin has never spent time at summer camp, and is finding that interesting.  He has not yet mastered any of our Meah Milim but is working on it.  Thank you Kevin!

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