Machon Boston Adventures


Machon is having a great time on our tiyul (trip) in Bah-stan (Boston)!! We started off our day with a power filled tfillot in the ever so hospitable Boston synagogue. After our nutritious breakfast, we walked through the historic streets of Boston to Quincy market, where we enjoyed a comical scavenger hunt, saw some talented street performers, and indulged in some delicious treats. After our fun filled morning, we started our trek to Fenway park, home of the Boston Red Sox! We stopped half way there for a relaxing lunch in the beautiful Boston Gardens. We discovered that some of our talented campers can speak not just to humans, but also to squirrels! We also found out that our Rosh, Scott, could pursue a career in duck whispering if he so desired. We finished our walk to Fenway park, and had a fantastic tour from our tour guide and new friend, Sarah! We learned a lot about the history of Fenway, and about American baseball. We even got the chance to sit in the famous Green Monster seating area! When we finished our tour, we strolled back to our humble abode, Boston Synagogue for a nice pizza dinner, and some down time after a busy day. We got some good sleep and are excited for the next day’s adventures! 


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