Machon Celebrates the Fourth of July!

Earlier in the
week, our edah/division had the opportunity to celebrate America’s Independence
and enjoy in her freedoms. 

We started the
day with tefillot/prayer services and ended them by singing Adon Olam to the
tune of America, The Beautiful.  How beautiful it is to be able to express our
Judaism and Americanism in the same tefilla/prayer!

Later on in the
day, the edah got together to take part in America’s pastime.  That’s right. Kickball.  Our edah played a full game of kickball while
Southern Rock was blasted from sidelines. When they were not in the field, they
were painting American banners to cheer on their teammates.

It was a wholly
American moment. 

In amazement of
the edah’s patriotism, I could utter only three joyous words of prayer: God
Bless America.


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