Machon Chugim (options) and Sensitivity Training with Amitzim, pt. 1


Another great day in Machon! Today was the first day our chanichim (campers) went to their chugim, and there were so many exciting ones that camp had to offer! Among others, chanichim went to Krav Maga (Israeli Martial Arts), Zumba, Glass Fusing, Weaving, Digital Photography, Modern Dance, Outdoor Cooking, Archery, Teva (nature), and Flag Football (and that’s not even half!). The chanichim were all so eager to get started, and they had a blast in their different chugim!

Making pita in Teva!


Having some fun in Israeli dance!

Today was also the first day of practice for Yom Berkshires, where our chanichim choose a sport to practice for the entire summer, all leading up to an inter-camp showdown with Camp Ramah in the Berkshires. And since they are in Machon, it is also their first year on the Varsity squad!

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