Machon does Yom iRamah


Today in Machon we had Yom iRamah. All of the activities in the day were based on different apps from the iPhone. We started the morning “snap chatting” around camp, drawing pictures of meaningful and beautiful sites and writing captions on them. Then we had an InstaTorah activity where the chanichim made “instagram” accounts for different Biblical characters. They had the chance to write comments on the different accounts and retell these Torah stories through the eyes of social media. Then they made short skits, had a pack out lunch and participated in an “angry birds” water fight. The special treat was the chance to watch the USA game in the World Cup. Afterwards we did Food Network challenges and ended the night with a more serious conversation about different current event headlines we might find on Twitter. Machon was active, engaged and smiling all day long. The counselors worked hard to plan a fun filled day and everyone had a great time! We are looking forward to a regular day tomorrow and celebrating the 4th of July together on Friday! 

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