Machon Encouters a New Etgar

Here is a look in to one of our bunks and what they have
been up to this week:

First session is sadly coming to a close this week, which
means that the hanichim/campers of tzrif/bunk 51 will soon be going home.
Still, we're cramming the last week full of fun! On Sunday, our tzrif came in
second place in the "clothing Olympics" peulat erev/night activity
that we had with the rest of Machon. Then, today, we went to Rondeaus as a
tzrif. It was nice to get out of camp for a little while and go have some ice

Soon we will receive our Machon Banim/Boys t-shirts. The
shirts were completely designed by members of the edah, with little help from
the tzevet/staff. Most years, tzrifim/bunks chose to tzrif t-shirts, but the
banim of Machon have become so close over the last three and a half weeks that
sometimes it feels like there is only one tzrif. It's truly been a summer of
incredible friendships.

See you on visiting day!
David, Zach and Omer


After Machon returned from their Etgar/Challenge trips on
Friday, Shabbat greeted the edah/division with a new etgar.  This past Shabbat we challenged the
hanichim to think about what Israel means to them, and what role Israel plays
in their lives.  The edah was
divided into small groups that were led by members of the mishlachat/Israelis
brought in from overseas. 

In their groups, the hanichim were allowed to express their
feelings and opinions about the importance of the Land of Israel, the people of
Israel, and the State of Israel. 
The tzevet and I were very impressed with the maturity with which the
edah approached the subject. 

These kinds of programs are not easy.  People do not always agree with each
other.  What was so amazing was
that despite peoples’ differences, all the conversations were very positive,
productive and respectful. 

The program had a deliberate open ending that allowed the
hanichim to keep talking about it amongst themselves—many of them did this in
fact, in small groups of their own on the migrash/field after the
peula/activity was officially over. 

We at Ramah have a strong love for Israel.  She is constantly in our thoughts and
in our prayers.  And as Americans,
it is important for us to stand together with Israel, Yad L’Yad/Hand in Hand.


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