Machon Etgar Recap

Machon etgar was a great success. The weather made it impossible to zip-line so the zip-line crew joined kayaking.  Both the kayaking and rock climbing groups had so much fun being together and both activities were engaging and challenging.  After their adventitious first day, they arrived at the camp site, pitched their tents had dinner, made a medurah (bond-fire), sang songs, had a mini-talent show and played games.  Each Chanich (camper) was handed a blue bracelet and was asked to give it to another person in the Edah who fit one of the many catagories crafted by the Madrichim. For example: give the string to someone who made you laugh, someone you shared a new experience, someone you’ve seen grow etc.  At the end of the peulat (activity) everyone in the Edah had a blue string around their wrist.

Everyone was exhausted and so they fell asleep quickly.  They woke up early the next morning, davened and had breakfast. Then they were off on a long hike.  Along the way they sang songs and played games.  They were all elated to make it to the top.  They arrived back at camp in time for dinner, tired, dirty and very proud of their accomplishments.

Here is a short clip of Machon singing around the medurah:


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