Machon Gets Ready to Lead!


Yesterday was a big day for Machon as we kicked off a huge part of our summer/kayitz.  One of the highlights of Machon is the opportunity to become a MachAh (a combination of Machon and Ah/Ahot–Brother/Sister).  Every Shabbat, Our Machoners will be MachAh’s to our younger campers/hanichim in Kochavim and Ilanot.  They will spend time getting to know each other and then they will walk with each other to Shabbat Lunch/Seudat Shabbat.



Yesterday, Veteran A-Side/Tzad Aleph Division Head/Rosh Edah, Rafi Spitzer—who was their Rosh when they were in Solelim!!!— led a training/hadracha  on what is going on for younger hanichim and we began to train our MachAh’s to be role models and helpers to the greater community/kehilla here at Camp Ramah/Mahane Ramah.

In Machon we take steps towards becoming the next generation of leaders in the camp/mahane, and yesterday, we took a big one!

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