Machon Goes to Boston!

This week Machon went on a wonderful adventure to the Boston
area.  On Sunday, we woke up early
for teffilot/prayer and left camp after breakfast.  The hanichim/campers were split into small groups,
accompanied by a madrich or madricha/counselor, and were allowed to shop at
Quincy Market.  This was a very fun
time that allowed hanichim the opportunity to hangout with their friends.

After Quincy Market, we drove to Yawkey Way for a tour of
Fenway Park.  Our tour guide taught
us many unknown things about the oldest ballpark in the major leagues.  For example, did you know that the
Green Monster was not originally green? 
Mr. Yawkey’s wife declared that the original blue was an ugly color and
decided to redecorate a little bit.  
Also, the green color that is now all around Fenway is “Fenway Green”,
and is not available in stores.  It
is an officially trademarked color only to be used by high-ranking officials in
the Red Sox organization. 

We got back on the busses after the tour and drove to the
luxurious West Newton Cinema.  We
rented out a theater just for Machon. 
To continue our theme of the day, we watched Fever Pitch.  Spoiler
alert: The Red Sox won the World Series!

From there, we went to a bbq at madricha Sara Liben’s home
in Natick.  When the edah/division
arrived, they were pleasantly surprised that we had The Direct, a local band, playing the venue.  Meat and Music.  Are there better things in the world? I
don’t think so.  Well, baseball,
but we did that already!  After a
jam-packed day, the edah went to sleep. 

The next morning the edah woke up early and joined Temple
Israel for morning minyan/communal prayers.  After breakfast, we began our community service component of
the trip.  We learned about the
invasive water chestnuts that destroy the eco-life of the historic Charles
River.  Our edah was ready and willing
to take action against these destructive plants.  In canoes, we picked out as many water chestnuts as possible.  Baskets upon baskets were collected and
removed from the River.  It was a very fun and productive project. 

From there, we had a catered lunch from Reuben’s Deli—Thanks Mr.
Gellerman!—and we feasted and some of Boston’s finest cold cuts. 

When we arrived back in camp, the buzz from the trip was
awesome.  The hanichim had a great
time and were telling everyone about it. 

A huge thank you goes out to Tzevet Machon/Machon Staff for planning an amazing trip. 

Next week our mahazemer/musical is coming up.  The edah is very excited to be
performing Joseph! 

We will keep you posted on the show’s progress. It is
already looking great!

Bye For Now,


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