Machon holds Hagbah Workshop

This summer/kayitz, we offered many opportunities for people to try new things and learn new skills. And earlier this week, a few of our female campers/hanichot asked me if they could try to do Hagbah (the ritual lifting of the Torah after it is read) fr the first time.  I was so happy that these young women wanted to help our community/kehila by performuing this ritual. So, one day, I held a workshop for a few people to try Hagbah while there was nobody else in the room and the pressure was minimal.  Here is a picture of Arielle practicing.


























The next day, Ella performed this ritual in front of the whole edah and was wished a huge Mazal Tov for her first time doing Hagbah.  It has been a wonderful kayitz and this is just one of the many amazing things that happened, in Machon 2016.


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