Machon Learns about the Ramah Experience From David Offit!

Today Machon had the great pleasure of hearing from our very own Program Director, David Offit, as he was interviewed by counselor/madricha Erica Gelfand.   David shared his own reflections on his journey through Ramah as a camper/hanich, counselor/madrich, division head/rosh edah and Program Director.


David shared passionately about his love for the Ramah program and all the fun things that we get to do here.  But his main point was that he believes in what we are trying to do here at Ramah.  We are creating the next generation of Jewish leaders in America.  That is why he keeps coming back year after year.  And as I looked around the room at 101 Machoners, I couldn’t help but smile knowing that he is right. All of them will become leaders in their own way.  The Jewish future is bright.  And Machon is helping it shine!