Machon looks back and builds for the future


Machon observed the fast of Tisha B’Av along with the rest of camp today. Sitting on the ground, we read the book of Eicha, Lamentations, and many of us fasted for at least part of, if not the whole day, as well. Exploring several themes of the day that are still relevant to our time, we participated in an anti-bullying workshop (there is a tradition that the Temples in Jerusalem were destroyed due to senseless hatred) and watched and discussed a film on the modern State of Israel’s contribution to the world.

As an edah, we tried to bring the feelings of loss and confusion come alive that the ancient Jews must have felt when Jerusalem was destroyed. In groups, Machoners carefully created elaborate sculptures depicting their bunk identities. I came in dressed as a Roman emperor holding a broom and destroyed them without any warning. The collective yelp of anguish (laced with humor in this case) helped drive home the point: that the tragedy of Tisha B’Av is about losing much more than a building. It was a loss of a way that Jews connected to their identity.

Counting down the minutes, we broke fast together, and more than a few campers would admit that they more than made up for a day of not eating!

Moving on from this challenging day, we have a fun, full week ahead of us filled with bunk, boys/girls, and edah wide programs. Stay tuned for more!




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