Machon loves Evelyn!


This week tzad bet is participating in the “Evelyn Dragat Rubinstein memorial week of tzrif competition.” These competitions started Sunday night with a huge peulat erev of 19 stations and activities with the Evelyn theme. The tzrifim had to run around answering trivia about camp, trivia about Evelyn, making up dances, playing intense games of connect four, listing Rondeau’s flavors and much more. Each day there is a new challenge presented and the points are tallied up. At the end of the week, one tzrif on tzad bet will win Evelyn glory and Evelyn t-shirts! Today was the super intense nikyaon challenge and tomorrow is “dress like Evelyn” night. Everyone is getting into the ruach of these silly competitions and everyone is excited to see who the true champion will be. Below are some Machon campers involved in an intense game of connect four and a group singing for the judges. 

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