Machon prepares for Shabbat Machon

It has been our pleasure to welcome back to camp Machon 2012, both returning and new campers! Being a particularly formative summer for the development of the group as Edah, the campers began the week with a peulat banim / banim, allowing the boys and girls to get to know each other, separately, outside the walls of the bunk and begin building the identity of the Machon boys and Machon girls.

As rising leaders in camp, Machon is traditionally responsible for the first Shabbat in camp, when two of our campers will lead Friday night services for the whole camp and when the entire Edah will come together to perform a song and dance prepared for the occasion. Yesterday, the Edah learned our song, an Arik Einstein classic called Inyan shel Zman, a matter of time. This song is about taking your time, appreciating what’s around you, and loving life without the the constraints of time. In other words, this song is camp in a nutshell! We look forward to learning the dance today.

Beyond that, Machon jumped right into our preparations for the Machon play, casting roles for the Music Man and watching the film together to plan our script and visualize our production. The show will be in three weeks.

This is just a preview of what’s to come this summer. Stay tuned for more details!

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