Machon Service Projects

Service Projects are a summer initiative unique to Adat HaMachon. Every kayitz, Machon chanichim participate in multiple projects dedicated to giving back to the Ramah community in some way. This kayitz we have four service projects: Hakarat HaTov (Recognition of Goodness), Hidur Mitzvah (Beautification of a Mitzvah), Mach Ach (Machon Brother), and Machon Helpers.

The chanichim in Hakarat HaTov are finding ways to appreciate people in camp who might be underappreciated. Currently they are making appreciation boxes to put up in the Chadar Ochel (Dining Hall), so that everyone around camp can anonymously be thanked for all the amazing work they do. They are also decorating cupcakes to eat with the kitchen staff, who work tirelessly every day to provide all of camp with three meals a day in a clean space.

Hidur Mitzvah is working on a spice garden, and the spcies they plant and grow will be used in havdalah sets all over camp as b’samim! They are planting the spices in the Magen David structure on tzad bet, which they are also repainting.

Those in Mach Ach are paired up with an Ilanot chanich and spend time with them in order transmit experiences they received as chanichim and serve as role models for younger chanichim. They are working on Shabbat-o-grams to give to their Mach Ach before Shabbat!

Lastly, Machon Helpers spend time with the chanichim in Amitzim (the edah for people with special needs) during Amitzim’s sport perek (timeslot). They learn about the value of helping others with disabilities and how to appreciate each and every individual for their uniqueness.

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