Machon sets the tone for a glorious first Shabbat at camp

Each Edah at Machane Ramah takes a turn “hosting” Shabbat for the rest of camp.  The host edah performs a rikud (dance) and shir (song) right before Kabbalat Shabbat begins.  Chanichim (campers) or Madrichim (counselors) from the Edah are chosen to lead davening for the entire machane (camp).  It has been a long standing tradition that Machon hosts the first Shabbat.  As you can see from the pictures, the weather required us to daven in the Beit Am Gadol. Even with this extra hurdle, Machon 2017 did a beautiful job setting the mood for a happy and restful Shabbat.

Check out the Machon’s Shabbat shir on Facebook @ Ramah Palmer.

Ruthie lead Kabbalat Shabbat and Ben lead Ma’ariv.  Here is a picture of them preparing with David Offit before Shabbat.

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