Machon shows “Mah Ramah” in a sidewalk chalk art display

Machon has a special perek each day called “Mah Ramah” (what is Ramah).  The chanichim  (campers) work on different projects around camp and also think critically about what Ramah means to each individually as well as to the group as a whole. Mah Ramah is part of the journey through Tzad Bet culminating in Nivonim.

As their final project for this machzor (session),  the entire edah did a beautiful side-walk chalk art project, where each chanich (camper) got a rectangle that they divided into six squares: each square represented a different aspect of the chanich and Ramah. In one they depicted Israel by drawing a flag.  In a second they made a stick figure self portrait.  In the third, they wrote their “kayitz (summer) in a meme”.  In the fourth, they drew their favorite place in camp.  In the fifth, they wrote what their “bean” brick would say and finally, in the sixth, they drew an experience that they will remember from this kayitz.

The chanichim appreciated the opportunity to share their experiences graphically with the entire machane (camp). The art instillation was a beautiful reminder the impact of Camp Ramah on each individual Machon chanich, and how the entire group has come together as a strong and united edah.

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