Machon: Two By Tuesday

This week, the hanichim in Machon spent some time trying to
get to know each other—even more than they already did.  Our theme for this week’s Yom
Meyuchad/Special Day (this is a day in which all of the madrichim miktzoi’im/specialists have a day off so the madrichim hevrati’im/bunk counselors
prepare a full day of programming for the edah/division) was “Two by Tuesday”.

The hanichim
started out the morning by arriving in pairs of assigned animals—like Noah’s
Ark—to teffilot/prayers.  Then, after breakfast, the hanichim were divided into different
pairs to have “person-to-person” conversations.   In these conversations, the hanichim were given questions that they had to answer and discuss
with their partners.  Some of the
questions included:

-If you could have a super-power, what would it be?

-What is your favorite movie?

-What do you want to do when you grow up?

-What is your favorite thing about camp?

These questions really gave the hanichim a chance to get to know some of their edah-mates much
better.  I heard several of the hanichim saying throughout the day that
the program was so nice and that they felt that they had really made new

From this program, the hanichim
were once again put into different pairs and sent to compete in a partner
relay race that ended with a piñata filled with candy.  Smiles and laughs were shared amongst
all the tzevet/staff and hanichim. 

After lunch, the edah spent some time learning and studying
the pairs of brachot/blessings that are said before and after certain
foods.  After they studied, each
bunk sent a representative to compete in the Machon Bracha Bee.  It was very intense!  Mira Kaplan from tzrif/bunk 40 won the camper phase of the bee.  Then, Mira had quite a challenge in the
final round: She had to square off with the Rosh Edah!  Of course, the Rosh Edah won in convincing
fashion, but a big Mazal Tov to Mira and tzrif
40 for competing so well. 

For Peulat Erev/Night Activity, the hanichim were given famous pairs to dress up in for a fashion show
party.  Some of the pairs included:

-Ben and Jerry (the ice cream people, not the cat and mouse)

-King and Queen of Hearts

-Ken and Barbie

-Timone and Pumba


It was a very fun and meaningful day for our edah.  And we are looking forward to many, many
more in the weeks to come.


Shabbat Shalom,




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