Machon Tzrif 38: Agam Early Morning Boating — Happy Birthday Hailey!

Elina N. (below) of Petach Tikva wore 2 hats this morning — Tzrif (bunk) 38 miktzoit (in-bunk specialist) and Metzila (lifeguard) for a special early morning boating activity.  This is Elina’s first time on tzevet (staff) here at Palmer.  She recently completed her Tzahal military service, having served three years as a combat soldier in Pikud Aleph, the search and rescue unit.  She currently works as a swim instructor and metzila around various public and private swimming pools in Petach Tikva.  She is a great addition to our Mishlachat (Israeli delegation) and tzevet Agam.

Machon Bunk 38 chanichot (campers) had a wonderful treat of this early morning Sirot (boating) activity on the Agam (lake), in honor of tzrif member Hailey’s birthday.  The cool air and camp-wide quiet enhanced the serenity and quiet happiness amongst the chanichot and madrichot (counselors).  The chanichot were mellow as they also learned and practiced new skills. Yom Huledet Samech Hailey!

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