Machon/Nivonim Basketball Kishroniyah


One of the really cool highlights of the summer is our amazing Kishroniyah.  For four days, we break away from our normal schedule and become totally immersed in specific skill-building activities.  The Kishroniyah is in essence, a specialty camp within our Camp.


I have been spending my time in the basketball camp, run by Basketball Stars of New York.  We have worked a lot on building our dribbling and shooting skills as well as developing a mature understanding of the game.  I am thankful to have spent some quality time working on my skills alongside hanichim/campers from Machon and Nivonim.  And a big todah rabbah/thank you to Dave, Josh and Maurice from Bastketball Stars for working with us to improve our basketball skills.
Special shout out to my team: Eilon, Elkanah, Simon, Ethan, Yaira and Nate. Runners up for the Championship, but #1 in my heart.


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