Machon/Nivonim Kishroniyah!


We’ve begun our Kishroniyah week, one of the highlights of our Tzad Bet (B-Side) programming!  During Kishroniyah we invite eleven high-level specialists to camp for the week.  Our Tzad Bet campers are able to sign-up for the specialty area that interests them, and participate in an intense program of four-hours-a-day in that area.  We have sports groups, arts groups, all sorts of special activities.  There are lots of photos on our web-site.  Here are a few highlights!

Basketball with our visiting coaches from the Basketball Stars of New York program:



Tallit-making, in which the kids are creating their own gorgeous tallitot from scratch:


Cooking, working with the phenomenally-talented chef Paula Shoyer:




I’ll share more photos of our other groups tomorrow…!