Machon/Nivonim Kishroniyah!

Since Sunday, our Machon and Nivonim hanichim (campers) have been participating in Kishroniyah!  During this week-long program, we host twelve incredible high-level specialists with us at camp, to run exciting special programming for our Tzad Bet hanichim!  The Machoners and Nivonimers have spent four hours a day in the specialty program of their choosing.  Here are just a few glimpses at the incredible experiences our Machoners and Nivonimers have been having this week at camp!!

A Cappella — It’s always amazing watching Ami Margolis bring his participants together to create a seamless a cappella group that sounds like they have been singing together for years!  Here is a photo of their performance in the Chadar Ochel last night in front of all of Tzad Bet.  (Video coming soon in a future post!!)

Basketball — Coach Brown and his incredible team of coaches from the Basketball Stars of New York program are running an incredible program, helping our kids build their skills and hone their abilities.  Today’s tournament has been intense!!

Cooking — Chef Paula Shoyer and her Kishroniyah participants have prepared amazing feasts together!!  One of the highlights of my summer happened yesterday when I was invited to judge their “Pizza Wars”, in which the kids competed to create original and delicious pizzas.

Glass-fusing — A brand-new Kishroniyah group!  Participants have created extraordinarily beautiful works of glass art: mezuzzot, wind-chimes, wall-hangings, and jewelry.  The kids created a number of mezuzzot that they have gifted to camp to add to the new Chadar Ochel and other binyanim (buildings) around camp!

Golf — Another brand-new Kishroniyah group!  Our kids have learned the fundamentals of golf and gone on several out-of-camp trips, to a local driving range and, today, to play nine holes of golf at a local course!  I applaud this group’s participants for the spectacular golf attire that they have sported all day this week.

Jewelry Making — Watching our campers learn from and work with Sandra is always a joy.  The jewelry that this group’s participants have created is amazing.

Outdoor Mural — I can’t wait for you all to see the finished product!!  The hanichim have designed an extraordinary new mural that will be a wonderful new addition to our beautiful camp.  The detail in the artwork is incredible.

Play-lab — Our kids worked together with visiting playwright Rachel to create six new short plays which they wrote, directed, and performed today at noon!!  I was blown away.  In the photos below you’ll see the kids at work writing, and engaged in a drama exercise:

Robotics — I watched a group of kids in this Kishroniyah group build a robot that could navigate around the room, using sensors to detect impediments and changing directions accordingly.  Wow!!

Tennis — Once again our long-time tennis coach Rose is running incredible drills and programming with our campers.  She is a fantastic teacher.  That’s our happy tennis Kishroniyah group on the photo at the top of this blog!

Ultimate Frisbee — We are so happy to have our incredible Kishroniyah Ultimate Frisbee coach Rick back to work with our hanichim.  Rick is an extraordinary coach, and the kids are learning new skills on the field every minute.

Lifeguard Training — At the end of this week working with our visiting trainer Joseph, participants in this group will be fully certified lifeguards!!

It’s been an incredible week here at Camp Ramah!!!  The Magshimim/Bogrim Kishroniyah program begins in just a few minutes…!