Machon’s Very Very Busy Week!


Shalom from Machon! We are having an incredible week.

Early in the week, first session campers completed their service projects, creating stunning mezuzot that will hang proudly as a reminder of the incredible Jewish journeys they have undertaken this summer.


On Tuesday, we went with the whole camp to Six Flags. Machoners had a blast riding the roller coasters, lounging in the water park, getting soaked on water slides, and playing games. Some even found time for a photo with some of the Six Flags celebrities:


Tonight is the Machon play, Ish HaMusika, the Music Man. Campers have been working all week (some all month) to put the production together. They play will be entirely in Hebrew, and the edah has done an incredible job learning not only the words of their lines and songs, but also the meaning behind them. Thanks to the incredible efforts of the chanichim (campers), madrichim (counselors), and miktzo’im (specialists), we are confident that this will be a production to remember.

For a preview, check out this skit performed by some of the campers on the Publicity Va’ad (committee). (The video was taken at night, but you can hear them loud and clear!)

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