The World According to Green! Starring: Magshimim in World Exploration

David Green, Rosh Sirot (boating) (photo below), has been on tzevet (staff) for 6 years.  Today, the Magshimim chanichim (campers) in his boating chug (elective) were tasked with successfully collaborating in their mission: World Exploration.  In this original, intricate, creative game designed by David, the participants were grouped as Scientists, Explorers,  and Conquerors.  They used canoes, kayaks and paddleboards to carry out their mission around the entire Agam (lake) on this glorious sunny Palmer day.  The entire competition revolves around teamwork, collaboration, and bringing out the best in each participant.  Morever, the chanichim in the Boating chug are each responsible for the equipment — the tzevet (Raz, Gil and Erez, photo below) will instruct and guide, but not step in to help set up or put away the boats and other equipment.  The chanichim are learning specific skills as well as responsibility, self-reliance, and maturity.

Speaking of maturity, here is a Before and After photographic array:



Now for “How the Game Works: The World According to  Green, Starring Magshimim”, the chanichim were split into Scientists (tasked with finding 20 edible berries (e.g. blueberries) and 3 varieties of flowers (e.g. honeysuckle and rhododendrons) around the circumference of the Agam.  The Explorers were tasked with finding the route around the Agam while throwing a football to each other from boat to boat.  The Conquerors were tasked with finding a flag and surviving a turbulent storm — aka, flipping the boat and then righting it.  Each of these groups had a Dictator King who assigned the roles, but the strong emphasis is on doing your best, teamwork, cooperation and community -building throughout the friendly, healthy competition.  The first group back with all tasks completed , and an example of the winner’s trophy: a face painted on a rock.

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