Magshimim Approaches the End of Another Amazing Summer

It’s official… we’re approaching the end of camp.

The last few days are flying by in a whirlwind. Yesterday morning we had our last p’rakim of the kayitz. After lunch and menuchahMagshimim participated in their first “Yom Trade” during which time people bring the their silly shirts and hats and other accessories to trade with other people for other silly shirts and hats. We watched the video for the second mahzor (session) and relived some of our great moments. After the video we had a carnival…


…we had our last banquet in the old Chadar Ochel…


…and participated in “No Smoking,” a time for each edah to sing its edah song and have fun.


We closed the evening with an “Appreciation Web.” Chanichim (campers) wrapped yarn around their wrists to make a bracelet, then passed the yarn to someone else and shared a memory or an appreciation with that person. That person then wrapped the yarn around their wrist and continued passing to make a giant web of memories. We cut and tied the yarn at the end so that people could wear their memory as a bracelet.


File_006 (1)



This morning is “Yom Pack,” and the chanichim are currently hard at work getting their tzrifim clean and their begadim (clothes) folded neatly so that they can be packed and brought home in 48 hours.

A lot of different emotions as we anticipate our final days together.

This is the last blog post of Kayitz 2016. Have a wonderful, healthy year and we’re already looking forward to seeing you in BOG ’17!

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