Magshimim and Bogrim choreograph their edah dances for their joint machazemer: Beauty and The Beast

Every kayitz, Machane Ramah produces three machazemerim (musicals) entirely in Hebrew performed by tzad bet edot.  The first machazemer, Hayafa v’ Hachayah (Beauty and the Beast) will be performed on July 13 in the Beit Am Gadol by Magshimim and Bogrim.  The machazemer is divided into two parts: Magshimim will perform the beginning scenes in the village and Bogrim performs the enchanted castle scenes for the later half. They come together at the very end for the final fight scene and to sing the title song “Hayafa v’ Hachayah”.

Chanichim interested in having parts in the machazemer auditioned on the second day of camp, and they were fantastic!  Now all of the actors are hard at work learning their lines, songs and staging during chug. In addition to the all of the cast members’ singing, speaking and dancing, each edah performs a whole edah song and dance.

Magshimim is dancing to the opening number, “Belle,” and Bogrim is dancing to “Be Our Guest.” Each tzrif has chosen their own character and choreographed a part of the song.  Both songs conclude with entire edah dancing together for a big finish.  Both edot started to learn their songs and dances this week and they look great. All of the chanichim are very excited for their big night in the spotlight!

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