Magshimim Commemorates Tisha B’Av

Yesterday, Magshimim, along with the rest of camp, commemorated the destruction of the Temple on the 9th of Av. In addition to a day of prayer, reflection, and fasting (for some), the Magshimimers took part in a meaningful peulah (activity) planned by their madrichim (counselors). Before the peulah began, the madrichim explained that according to tradition, the Second Temple was destroyed because of Sin’at Chinam, causeless hatred. We then delved deeper into this theme and looked at one particular strand of sin’at chinam: stereotyping. Each group had a serious and enlightening discussion about what it means to stereotype, whether or not it’s ever okay to stereotype, and shared stories of when we felt stereotyped or stereotyped others. Afterwards, we looked at some real life situations in camp where stereotyping might come into play. Even when it was time for our peulah  to end after 45 minutes, many of the chanichim stayed engrossed in their conversations, not even wanting to move onto free time. This, in essence, is what Tisha B’Av at camp is all about: taking time out of our busy camp schedule to slow down, engage in conversation, and discuss deeper issues with camp friends.


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