Magshimim enters Shabbat

Last night Magshimim had an indoor medura (bonfire). We could not have our bonfire outside due to the weather, so we sang around a fake campfire inside. The theme we are focusing on this Shabbat is “new beginnings.” Since our chanichim (campers) our now on tzad bet (B-side) of camp, we want to talk to them about this idea of transition. At the medura, we learned the song “mitachat lashamayim,” (“under the sky”), by David Broza. The chanichim then had an opportunity to throw a piece of paper into the fake fire, while mentioning some things that they would like to leave behind, and others that they would like to begin this summer. Some examples included making new friends, being more inclusive, and trying new activities. Tzevet Magshimim is excited for the great discussions and activities we will get to do with these wonderful chanichim! Today the tzrifim (bunks) had another peulat tzrif (bunk activity), and tzrif 51 made challah!


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