Magshimim Gets Married!


Magshimim’s peulat erev this evening was “The Newlywed Game.” You may know this game show from television: several couples compete to win a honeymoon by answering questions about their spouse. For example, someone might be asked to name all of their spouse’s first cousins. The spouse being asked the question writes down the names, and then the other spouse provides the actual answer, and the written answer is checked against the actual answer to see whether the couple got it right.

We gave our chanichim eight minutes to learn as much as they possibly could about their assigned partner – someone who they don’t usually get to spend time with, and then we let the games begin. Our “couples” had a great time trying to cram as much information as they could into the eight minute conversation, memorizing family details (mom’s name, number of aunts/uncles, etc.), favorite things (color, movie, band, etc.), and other general information (biggest pet peeve, phobia, etc.).

We then competed in groups of five ‘couples’ to see which pair had mastered the most information about each other. All of our ‘couples’ did a fantastic job, and we hope that the activity will have facilitated some new friendships being formed!

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