Magshimim gets ready for Hayafa V’Hachaya (Part I)

Greetings from Second Session! We have been having an AMAZING session so far and there’s so much to look forward to. In addition to having peulot tzrif (bunk activities), chugim (electives), and all of our other normal programming throughout the day, we have been working very hard on our machazemer (musical)! This session, Magshimim and Bogrim (rising 9th graders) will join together to present Hayafa V’Hachaya (Beauty and the Beast) entirely in Hebrew! It’s no easy feat to memorize lines, learn songs and dances, paint scenery and make costumes in such a short amount of time, but the chanichim (campers) and madrichim (counselors) are committed to putting in the time and effort to make this machazemer a smashing success!


Earlier this week, we kicked off our rehearsals by having a tzrif choreography competition! Each tzrif was given a part of our edah song to choreograph, and then they presented to the entire edah while the rest of us sang along. Each tzrif came up with completely original and fun (and funny!) material, and we can’t wait to see all of it up on stage during the machazemer. Although every tzrif worked hard and did great work, Tzrif 54 won the competition for being so creative and well rehearsed. Kol Hakavod to all involved!


Stay tuned for picture and video updates as we continue to work hard on our machazemer. The curtain rises for opening night on Sunday, August 5th!

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