Magshimim has a Beach Party!

Last night, after a long day of regular scheduled programming (a rarity for this session!), Magshimim got to relax and have an evening beach party on the Tzad Bet Agam (B-Side Waterfront). We started off with some snacks and drinks while listening to beach-themed music and hanging out with friends. The view overlooking our agam is always beautiful, but it’s especially gorgeous at night as light from the buildings around camp bounced off the water. Before long, the chanichim were dancing around and having a great time.

After a little while, we got to one of our main events for the night: a tzrif (bunk) contest!  In a creative twist on a beach favorite, each tzrif had to pick one chanich (camper) to be buried in the sand, while everyone else worked to bury him/her as quickly as possible. The tzrifim got extra points for creativity, and some sculpted the sand around their volunteers to look like mermaids, or fish. There was even a manatee replica! All of the chanichim had a great time with their tzrifim, and there’s nothing like a little friendly competition. I could write who won, but it doesn’t even matter. We’re all winners at macheneh Ramah!

See below for some great tzrif pictures from the event, and make sure to check the website for even more!


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