Magshimim has a Boker Meyuchad!


On Wednesday morning, before Kishroniya began, Magshimim had a Boker Meyuchad (special morning)! The madrichim (counselors) led the chanichim (campers) in three fun and exciting activities. We started off with a canal building contest on the Tzad Bet Agam (B-Side Waterfront). We’ve clearly been spending a lot of time at the agam recently. The edah was split up into six groups, each of whom were given a a long strip of sand leading from the top of the beach down to the water. The task? To build a canal that could send a ball floating from the top of the beach when water was poured in. The task proved more difficult than we had initially anticipated: the Magshimimers had to make sure to pay attention to the width, slope, and flatness of their canal in order to ensure that the ball made it all the way to the bottom. As the ball began to float from the top of the canal, the Magshimimers frantically dug away at excess sand — it was all very exciting!

Next, in anticipation of this coming Sunday’s Yom Berkshires (the day where we travel to Camp Ramah in the Berkshires to compete in a day of sports), we got ready with Shmom Shmerkshires! We played three games that are twists on some of our typical Berkshires sports: three-legged soccer, freeze basketball, and towel volleyball. Our six groups put on different colors and named their teams after different Ramah camps around the universe (instead of just Palmer or Berkshires). Camp Ramah Jamaica and Camp Ramah Namibia/Zimbabwe were two of the clear winners from the activitiy.

Right before lunch, we did some awesome TIE DYE! I’ve been walking around over the past day looking at all of the finished tye-dye, and I have to say, it looks absolutely spectacular!

With just over a week left in camp, Magshimim has something new and exciting planned every day. So stay tuned!


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