Magshimim heads into Shabbat!

Tonight Magshimim had an indoor medura (campfire) where we focused on this week’s theme of being a dugma (setting a good example). Since this week is our Shabbat in front of camp, we wanted to emphasize the importance of how you act when in front of a group. In groups the chanichim (campers) were given songs to sing and a way in which they needed to sing it. For instance, one group had “disinterested” and another had “overly confident.” When we sing our song and do our dance before Shabbat, we want to look excited and confident.  After this activity we had a ruach-filled (spirit) shira (song) session that many of the chanichim were excited about! We will be dancing to “Kol Hamitpalel,” a dance that the chanichim made up last summer. We go into this Shabbat ready to get up in front of camp and perform and lead them through tefillot (prayers). Shabbat Shalom from Magshimim!

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